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A Closer Look At Pull-A-Part Shopping For New Customers

If you make the choice to buy something for your vehicle at an auto salvage yard, you will come across two completely different types of places. Some junkyards have people who pull the parts for their customers or even strip the parts from vehicles as they come in. However, many of the largest auto salvage centers operate as what is commonly referred to as pull-a-part salvage yards. Shopping at a pull-a-part salvage yard is not just rewarding, it can actually be kind of fun if you consider yourself n automobile enthusiast. here are a few of the most common questions new customers tend to have about pull-a-part salvage yards.

So what exactly is a pull-a-part salvage yard anyway?

The primary difference  between a pull-apart salvage yard and a regular auto salvage yard is the fact that customers are responsible for retrieving their own parts and components. When you enter the salvage center, you will be given a buggy or small cart to hold parts and you are allowed to walk around the salvage yard to pull the parts that you need. You are free to roam the property and view the different types of vehicles and use tools to disassemble parts that you wish to purchase.

Are pull-a-part salvage yards cheaper than traditional ones?

In some cases, pull-a-part salvage centers are cheaper on their prices than other junkyards. This is because they do not have to pay employees to go out in search of vehicular parts and components unless someone needs help. Therefore, a pull-a-part salvage yard often does not have the same operational costs that would normally be reflected in product pricing.

Do you need to bring your own tool to a pull-a-part salvage yard?

It is a good idea to have with you at least a basic tool set to use to remove your own parts once you find them on a vehicle at the salvage yard. The salvage yard manager will probably also have tools available to use, but it is just going to make it easier on you if you have your own tools to work with. Tools that are loaned out to customers are most often only loaned out piece by piece and using them may even involve having to wait until something is returned.

Whether you need a specific used auto part for your vehicle or you just enjoy strolling through salvage yards, a pull-apart salvage yard is one place you should stop in and see. You will probably walk away with an entirely new appreciation of the salvage yard business and no doubt leave with auto parts at good prices.

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