Holding On To An Unwanted Vehicle? It Could Be Costing You

Whether it's the first car you ever owned or it holds some other sentimental value – it can be hard to just get rid of an old vehicle. However, keeping an old vehicle isn't always the best solution, especially if it's inoperable. There are several issues that can bring about stress and extra expenses simply by holding on to the vehicle. Are you costing yourself unnecessarily? HOA Violation Fees If you live in an area that is governed by a home owner's association, or HOA, you could end up paying for the vehicle. [Read More]

How To Keep The Air Conditioner In Your Vehicle Running Well

If you live in a region that tends to get very hot in the summer months, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything within your power to take good care of the air conditioning in your vehicle. To do that, you will want to make use of the following few tips. Keep An Eye On Your Fan Belt The fan felt in your vehicle is a very important part, even though it might not look like much of anything. [Read More]

Did Your Car Break Down With Transmission Problems? What To Know

If your vehicle started smoking and stopped working on the side of the road and the mechanic that looked at it says it's the transmission, there are a few things to consider before you pay to have the transmission fixed. First, you'll want to have the vehicle looked at by a shop that focuses on transmissions so they can give you a proper estimate of the damages. Then, if paying for a brand new transmission isn't in your budget and you aren't sure what you want to do, you'll need to do the following to make the best financial decision. [Read More]

4 Things You Need To Know About Buying Aftermarket Parts For Your New Vehicle

If your new vehicle has a part or two that needs to be fixed, and you are going through the process of purchasing the replacement parts on your own, here are a few things you need to know about the aftermarket parts field. #1 OEM Is Not Always The Way To Go OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, are parts that are made by the same manufacturer that made the parts originally for your vehicle. [Read More]