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Why Should You Choose A Used Engine Instead Of A Rebuild?

Internal engine trouble is something that no car owner ever wants to experience. Compression problems, excessive oil consumption, and coolant leaking into the oil are common reasons to rebuild an engine. Unfortunately, rebuilding is not cheap or easy, and you may spend several thousand dollars on labor alone.

Buying a used engine is one alternative to rebuilding, and it's worth considering no matter your budget or circumstances. If you're trying to decide the best way to get your car back on the road, consider these three points in favor of a used engine replacement.

1. You'll Pay Less in Labor

Rebuilding an engine typically requires removing it from the vehicle for disassembly. This process is time-consuming and challenging since technicians must disconnect the engine from the many accessory components in the engine bay. In other words, rebuilding an engine involves removing and reinstalling the whole engine.

When buying a used replacement engine, this process is the bulk of the labor costs. Since technicians won't have to tear down your new (to you) engine for a rebuild, you'll save on those extra costs. While a used engine will cost more in parts than a rebuild, you'll make back some of that money on the reduced labor.

2. You May Get a Better Warranty

Most shops that rebuild engines will warranty their work, but many used engine vendors include extensive warranties with further options to extend them beyond the base term. These warranties can provide significant peace of mind for your purchase, ensuring that you won't be on the hook if there's a problem with your replacement motor.

If the warranty is a significant concern for you, make sure you choose a used engine that includes a comprehensive one. Some used engine vendors offer warranties that include labor should your replacement engine fail, so these may be worth considering. As long as you intend to continue driving for a few more years, the price of a higher-tier warranty can pay off.

3. You Can Turn Back the Clock

An engine rebuild will replace many of the most wear-prone parts in your engine, but other components will remain original. As a result, some parts of your engine will still have the same wear and tear as before the rebuild. With a used engine, you can select an option with lower mileage than your current engine, allowing you to turn back the clock on your car's "age."

While the best option will depend on how much you want to spend and your specific goals, replacing your failed engine with a used one can be a great way to save money and even improve your car.