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Salvaged, Rebuilt, And Remanufactured: What These Terms Mean When You See Cylinder Heads For Sale

If you are in need of an automotive cylinder head (or two), then you might be trying to locate the part(s) on your own so that you can save some money. While you are searching, you may come across these terms: salvaged, rebuilt, and remanufactured. The parts with these labels are clearly less expensive than new, but what do they mean really? Read on to learn the terms and their meanings, and what it means to you in your search for a "new" cylinder head for your vehicle.


If you see a cylinder head with the word "salvaged" preceding it or following it, it means that this cylinder head was taken out of a car that went to the salvage yard. It may have some minor defects, but for all intents and purposes, it probably works. Some salvage yards will attempt to verify that a part works before posting it for sale, but since a cylinder head is deep within the engine, it is unlikely that they completely rebuilt an engine just to test the cylinder head. For this reason, salvaged parts may be the least expensive of all.


Parts with the label "rebuilt" are often taken from salvaged vehicles, but they have been more thoroughly examined, repaired, and rebuilt (with used parts) so that they are fully functional. There is a higher level of surety with buying a rebuilt cylinder head than there is a with buying just a salvaged part. Additionally, the auto parts store, shop, or distributor that worked with and on these parts can be your go-to person for repairs, should you have any problems in the future. Rebuilt parts often cost more than salvaged parts, but less than remanufactured parts.


"Remanufactured" is similar to "rebuilt" in that the cylinder head is reconstructed from various parts. However, the majority of the parts are typically new, and these cylinder heads are rebuilt to the standards set forward by manufacturers for auto parts. They will cost more than rebuilt and salvaged parts, but less than absolutely brand-new parts. In some instances, remanufactured also means that the original components may have been slightly faulty or did not meet standards and requirements for installation in the vehicles. Ergo, the manufacturer decided to recycle and repurpose what was good by fixing what was bad or wrong with the parts before offering them for sale again. Many auto parts installed at a dealership are usually remanufactured, since they are already made to fit the makes and models of vehicles made by a particular company/brand.

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