Discussing Auto Parts And Repair Practices

Buy Used Car Parts From Salvage Yards And Save!

If you have ever had to pay a mechanic's shop for auto repairs, you probably already know that costs of replacement parts run high. However, perfectly good car parts are frequently found in salvage yards for a fraction of the price of new parts. While there are certain parts such as electronic sensors, air bags, and brake parts that you should always purchase new or reconditioned, others perform just fine when taken from a salvage yard. Following are several common car parts that you can save money on by visiting your local salvage yard instead of the auto parts store.

Body Parts and Accessories

Fenders, hoods, doors, and other body parts that are in good shape can be successfully salvaged from junked cars and easily used as replacements. Mirrors, door handles, side windows, hood ornaments, hub caps, wheels, and other accessories provide another way to save on replacement part costs. You may also be able to find items such as speakers for your vehicle's sound system and other interior accessories.

Alternators and Batteries

You can frequently find used alternators and batteries in excellent shape at salvage yards. Because alternators keep the battery charged as well as power the electrical system of the vehicle when it's running, you should always test them before committing to a purchase. Most salvage yards have 12-volt sources on the premises that you can use to test the functionality of electrical parts such as alternators and batteries.


Radiators are an essential component in your vehicle's cooling system. Buying a used radiator can save you money. Signs that your radiator may need to be replaced include overheating and pools of coolant underneath your car. 

Air Injection Pumps

An air injection pump is a mechanism that injects fresh air into your vehicle's exhaust system to allow for optimal combustion of fuel. A properly running air injection pump is pivotal in helping your car meet government emissions standards.

Front and Rear Drive Shafts

Drive shafts work in tandem with your vehicle's transmission to transmit torque. Unexplained clunking and squealing sounds are signs that a drive shaft has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

Many cars that end up in salvage yards as a result of being totaled have perfectly intact parts. Many modern mechanic shops are starting to get in on this by offering their customers the opportunity to purchase used parts gleaned from area salvage shops.

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